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Science Funding

A contribution to strengthening research organizations and financing the most competitive research results is realized through the science funding system, which results in positive impact on all legal and physical entities in the territory of the Republic of Serbia engaged in research activities. These entities include universities, higher education institutions, institutes, or users of research results, such as small and medium-sized businesses, industry, and other relevant organizations and associations.

Funding also aims to improve the research activities of individual researchers employed in research organizations and enhance the research quality through the research organizations work. Additionally, it aims to strengthen collaboration between these organizations and the business sector, achieving a greater impact in the application of research results to increase competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

Through the science and research funding system, the involvement of young researchers – doctoral students in the work of research organizations is facilitated. This aims to prevent the brain drain of young talents from the Republic of Serbia and encourages the return of researchers from abroad to transfer acquired knowledge by involving them in the research organizations work.
Funding for research activities involves providing financial resources.

Research is financed through project funding from two state funds, the Science Fund and the Fund for Innovation Activities. These two funds finance scientific research in various fields contributing to science the development and its practical application in everyday life. Funding for research is secured from the Republic of Serbia budget, funds and programs of the European Union, and other sources as well.